Where's the Bionic?
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Hey, look, a Verizon sales flyer just came in the mail. Must be some Christmas goodies and sales. Let's see....


Cool, there's the Razr. Looks great! Don't know about that "lowest promotiona price" at $299.00, but it includes some NFL package, good for someone, I guess. 


Next page, here's a Samsung Stratosphere and oh, cool, the new HTC Rezound. I've heard people say that they love their Rezound. Next page, there's the HTC Rhyme and the, say what, the Droid X2? Well, okay, that was, and is a good phone, if a little long in the tooth. But there seems to be somehthing missing, let's keep looking...


Oh, yes, the Galaxy Tab. I looked at that in the store and it's really nice. Yes, I got an iPad, but with an iPhone and now a MacBook pro, it made more sense for me. But there's nothing slouchy about the G Tab. And here's a 4G Mifi Mobile Hotspot. Woo, hope they get a handle on that 4G network. Okay, it's killing me...Where's the Bionic listed in this sales flyer? One more page, maybe...


Harrumph...AN LG Octane and a Samsung Intensity, which is a good little phone, it has stood up to our 10-year-grandson nicely, even surving a trip through the washer and dryer and still working so far after a year. 


But where, oh where, is the Bionic? There is an update coming out for it that is supposed to finally make it work. I don't have one anymore, but I was hoping for the best for that phone and it's disheartening to see it seemingly disregarded these days. Not to mention causing more angst for the Bionic owners. I would think that they would be making some deals on the Bionic, although it stands to reason that the CSRs have their hands full with the ones that are already out there, why add to their workload?


Bionic, we hardly knew (all 3 of) ye......:smileyvery-happy:


Geri O

Re: Where's the Bionic?
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Unfortunately, I believe Verizon has moved on from the Bionic. Even Motorola does its best to downplay the Bionic. Try working your way through their support website to find the manual for the Bionic. You will look though virtually every phone Motorola ha before finding the Bionic.


It's really sad because the Bionic is the best damned phone I've had. I've had a hiccup once or twice, but the phone has been rock solid for weeks at a time. I just rebooted it this evening after 23 straight days of bliss.