Why DOESN'T Verizon stand behind their products or service?

My husband I a BOTH have the Droid X and have had nothing but
problems for the past 6 months. The Droid X freezes up and will not receive
calls, text or emails. We have to turn our phones off and take the battery out
multiple times throughout the day to use our phones. We have stopped in verizon
stores and called verizon MANY times throughout the past 6 months. Nobody has
been able to help us or have any concerned that we are paying for a monthly service
that is not working. We are not able to do an early upgrade until Nov 2012. We
don't understand why verizon will not let us do an early upgrade now or fix the
phones. Any help or concern on Verizon's part would be greatly appreciated. Has
anyone else had these problems with the Droid X?

Re: Why DOESN'T Verizon stand behind their products or service?
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The problem is not with verizon but instead with motorola. They built the phone and installed the software. Unfortunately there are many apps that don`t play nicely with motorola`s version of the google android os. Show me one android based phone that doesn`t occasionally freeze or lockup or require a battery pull and i`ll show you a goose that can lay a golden egg. Best bet is to do a factory restore and reload one at a time. See how your phone performs. If after installing an app that causes issue just delete that app. This is still a great phone if it`s configured properly. Good luck.

Re: Why DOESN'T Verizon stand behind their products or service?
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We are very concerned that you are having issues with your device! We want you to be happy with your phone. The community had a great suggestion. A factory reset should be done. Reloading one app at a time will show you what specifically is causing the problem. Here is a link with the steps: http://bit.ly/oV4Meh Let us know if that works! We are happy to assist further!

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