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my phone Droid 4 wont charge, I have tried all my charges in my home, it shows that it is charging but it wont go past 20% it has been plugged in  all day. Any ideas to why this happened. Please help!! I appreciate the feedback.

Re: ahhh!!!
Verizon Employee

Hey there oojgoo,

Sorry to hear about the battery issues you are having with your phone.  I know our phones have become an important part of our everyday life and we need to make sure yours operates throughout the day.

I know that you've said you've tried multiple charges, have you tried different outlets throughout the house?

Does there look to be any physical damage to the battery? Does it looked puffy or corroded at all? Any physical damage or water damage to the charging port? Are you using the phone while charging it?

Try removing and reinsterting the battery and charging the battery again to see if you can get it past 20%.

Keep us updated with results.



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Re: ahhh!!!
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

How old is the phone?  Is it still under the manufacturer's warranty? 

AFAIK, the battery is not removable or user accessible int he Droid 4.  Look at the port where the charger cable connects, oojgoo - it's possible that something got bent or loose.  I know on my Droid 4, the connection feels really delicate and like I'll break something if I'm not super gently with it  It also gets dusty - so maybe just using a can of compressed air to blow the dust out will help.  (Be careful with this tho - just a short puff - not a continuous spray as that will cause more damage.)