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I just discovered that when my kids and I upgraded our phones a year ago, Verizon never told us that equipment insurance was not one of the plan features that transferred to the new phone, even though it was the same phone number. Several times over the past year, I noticed that the insurance fee had somehow "fallen off" our family plan bill, or migrated from one number to another. I called today to try to straighten this out, and after being told that I could add the insurance back to the phone, I understood that Verizon would not honor the insurance because of the length of time the phones have not had insurance (or have intermittently been insured).

I'm pretty sure my kids have AppleCare for their phones, which is a lot cheaper than Verizon's Assurion insurance, however I'm wondering whether there's any alternative way to get insurance for my Android phone. Assurion's website sends me over to Verizon, and I don't know if there are other companies who provide insurance. Anyone else know? Or what do you do about the usurious costs of cell phone insurance?

Re: alternative insurance resource
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My insurance is to be very careful with my phone. Assurion wants $7 a month then I'd still have to pay $140 deductable? And even then I might get back a refurbished phone. And maybe not even the same kind. One that is "similar" how do they know what I consider "similar"? Oh and they charge sales tax on the insurance.