driod x2 keeps restarting, not even getting on the lock screen

I was using the internet on my dorid x2 when it said i was low on space whem i know i have over 1000MB left. A few minutes later it restarts and when i unlock the screen it says who the system and other hings have yo force close and it reboots again. I took out the battery and put it back in but now it just restarts all the time it doesnt even go on the lock screen anymore It just says droid does its little animation then just says driod again and repeats itselfs. After about 10 times its just gives up and just leaves a lit up screen.


These are the things o tried

1.Put in and out the battery and sd card

2.Try a new battery and sd card

3. Let the power run out charge it a liitle then start it back up


Yet none of these things work. Thank you

Re: driod x2 keeps restarting, not even getting on the lock screen

Sounds like you was low on memory not storage because when resorces get low the device forces a restart to recover memory (RAM), try clearing system cache by powering off amd following steps below...


Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread)

  1. Power the device off.
    NotePress and hold the Power button then select Power off.
    NoteIf the device isn't responding to input, remove / replace the battery.
  2. Press and hold the Home key then power the device on.
    NotePress the Power button while holding Home.
    Home key
    Power button
  3. From the Android Recovery screen, press Volume Up / Down simultaneously.
  4. Press Volume Down to select wipeWIPE CACHE PARTITION then press the Power button.

  5. Press Volume Down to select Yes and then press the Power button.
    NoteReset process can take up to approximately 1 minute.

  6. Using the Volume Down key, ensure reboot system now is selected then press the Power button.
    reboot system now