droid 2

My stepdad gave me this phone because I wanted to be "updated" with social networking etc. I have to say this phone was cool for the first 3 weeks after that, my phone was freezing up, tweeking out now it is like every other word when I text it takes like 5 minutes just to finish a word. I begin to type then have to close out to home screen, go back into text messaging then type another word then go back to home then go back to messaging etc etc. I do not like this phone anymore. I just got an upgrade alert and now I don't know which phone to upgrade too b/c I am afraid that it will happen to the next phone. Can anyone help me?

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We understand the need of a working device at all times kattelina! The issues experienced are certainly not known. Lets try to clear messaging cache to see if this will resolve it. Here is how: http://vz.to/18RulEf .

Upgrading is an exciting thing! Lets make sure you upgrade to a device that you will love. We have many great models available. It all depends on what you are looking for in a device. Go to vzw.com/products to view and compare the different models.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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