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gingerbread update 3g problem

I work at a known weak 3g coverage area, 17821 gillette ave, irvine ca. Got my phone in dec 2010 and it worked nice unil feb 2011 when 3g started dropping to 1x and generally very weak. Three out of five days the signal was horrible. One to two days i got strong signal. I was in constant contact with vzw and was recommended various fixes. *228 about 10 times helped. That solved the problem but i would have to do it everytime. He 3g signal seemed to be improving since then.

Then comes the gingerbread update on 11/14/11.

*228 no longer fixes the problem. In strong coverage area it takes much longer yo log on to he signal and generally slower, sometimes does
n't even go.

That is only one of a few issues but its he most important. Defeats the purpose of a smartphone.

Re: gingerbread update 3g problem

I am having the same issue and I am in New Jersey.  everytime I open Internet or Market or any app that needs to connect to the internet, it takes forever to connect and then scroll from one link to another....Can anyone help????


Also, I cannot connect my Droid to my computer since the Gingerbread update....Not sure if they are connected.

I have rebooted the phone, removed the battery, *228 option 2 and then option 1, cleared the internet cache and force stopped the app, and now I am turning to the message boards for help.....