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I have misplaced my phone can i somehow find the location of my ph with my wifes phone via gps?

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if you had installed a tracking app then you could log in from a pc or another phone and do it. if you did not, then try this app:


you can install it to your phone from a pc and then activate it and track it. it's the only app that i know of that can do this AFTER losing the phone (of course, the phone still has to be on and have a data connection so hopefully it hasn't run dead yet).

if you find it, i would suggest using Seek Droid (or any similar app) in the future. whenever you get a new phone, the first thing i would install is a tracking app.

Re: misplaced phone
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It is always a gut wrenching feeling to not be able to locate your cell phone.
If  you were enrolled in TEC (Total Equipment Coverage) and have a compatible Smartphone, you would be able to install Mobile Recovery on that device by going to  www.MyMobileRecovery.com from the browser on the device.

Mobile Recovery is an Asurion application included with TEC (Total Equipment Coverage) at no additional cost.  Mobile Recovery provides additional features for customers, who lose or misplace a device, including:
Locate* device using GPS (Global Positioning Systems)
View device's current location on a map
See a visual history (breadcrumb trail) of where the device has been
Based on interval levels set by the user
Sound alarms*
Command the device to sound an alarm even if the device is set to silent or vibrate
Device remote lock*
Trigger the device to lock to secure data (excluding removable memory) and prevent access to information
Device must have been previously activated with a lock or password in order for this function to work
Device remote wipe*
Remotely wipe contacts from the device
The use of Backup Assistant is strongly recommended in conjunction with Mobile Recovery to prevent permanent lost of contacts

If you didn't have Mobile Recovery installed, I hear there is an app in Google Play Store which  is called Plan B, and it works after the fact if the device is lost.

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