new phone refuses to activate

I have spent a week trying to activate my new phone.  It keeps telling me that I did not have enough bars.  I finally took it to a large city so I would have ALL bars and it still tells me I do not have enough bars.  Bought online so no store near and can't remember what number I have to dial for help.  Oh, I long for the good old days when I just hit a few buttons and it did it for me!

Re: new phone refuses to activate
Customer Service Rep

Jovill, activating the device should be an easy process to complete. Let's make sure that we get the phone up and running ASAP. When you stated you bought the phone online, was it bought from the Verizon Wireless website or a 3rd party website? Have you tried to power off the phone and remove the sim card for a good 30 seconds and place the sim card back in and power it back on to see if it will activate? Please keep me posted.
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