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phone is sooooo slow

for the past few weeks my droid x has been running so slow. when i unlock the phone sometimes the screen gets stuck with the slide button over in the unlock position and it takes about 15-20 seconds for it to show my home screen; it seems that when i text the words that show up can't keep up with my texting (and no i'm not going that fast); and when I open regularly used applications it takes a significant amount of time to get them to open as the screen freezes for about 15-25 seconds before opening anything. I've done battery pulls, simply turned the phone off then on, and checked for updates. I have a application killer i use regularly but it does appear that i have processes running in the back ground, yet i don't use any widgets.


Any suggestions on clearing up this problem, it's becoming a real pain in the butt.

Re: phone is sooooo slow
Sr. Member

First of all, Task Killers *can* intriduce more problem than they solve. When did you install that APP?  There are 2 camps on that APP -- some who swear by it and others that don't believe it's needed at all since the phone's OS is supposed to self-manage it's memory & resources. I don't and never have used one.


OK, it really sounds like you installed an APP that is causing the problem. You say "2 weeks ago" -- what APP(s) did you install about that time? Any 'changes' you made to the phone about then? Like a Live widget or changed settingds to do downloads more frequently (like mail, texts, Facebook, Twitter)?


To see if it's an APP causing your problem - and assuming it's reproduceable after a reboot - try running in SAFE MODE for some period of time. If the problem goes away, you have a rogue APP causing the problem. You can install "SYSTEM PANEL" hich has a logging feature to try to isolate what's sucking up the processor.


To get into safe mode:


- Power OFF

- Press & HOLD the Menu button (far left button)

- Press the Power up button to boot the phone - continue to hold down the MENU button for 1-2 mins.


Phone will come up saying "SAFE MODE" in lower left corner. TEST and see how it responds.


To get out of safe moe, just power off/on as usual.


Good luck

Re: phone is sooooo slow
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Jlsanders, just curious if you have the hideous, obnoxious, trash Facebook app? I had it loaded and had been using the "Cody method" of deleting apps one at a time and waiting a few days each time.

Guess what? My slide unlock sticking problem (as you described) has been gone for over a week. So, yes, one more time, an app seems to be the blame.

Why do some apps cause conflicts? GB, Blur, the apps themselves? I don't profess to know. It would be nice to have a phone and install any app you want, but that's not possible.

If you don't have Facebook installed, try randomly un-installing apps one at a time, take notes and give it a few days.