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"Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped." Yes, how unfortunate.

Okay, so my phone upgraded to ICS a couple weeks ago. It's been all fine and dandy up until three days ago. All of a sudden, I get the stupid "Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped" message multiple times when I try to use the app. And Scramble with Friends was working fine, even this morning, and NOW, all of a sudden, it won't work and I get the same stupid Facebook has stopped message. What the heck???? I've tried other apps like Friendcaster Fast for Facebook, but neither of those will work either. What's going on???? I used to love my phone....pre-update!?!?!?

Re: "Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped." Yes, how unfortunate.
Customer Support

Hi there Sgriff!

Let's repair the love you have for your phone! I want you to have fortunate experiences with your device and applications. I will be delighted to provide some suggestions.

Generally when multiple applications have the same type of error message we want to try to find the culprit! In this case it sounds like it may be the facebook login.

Has your facebook password been changed recently?
Have you had the opportunity to uninstall the facebook application or the other apps that are connected?

Please let me know!


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