speaker IS working, but NO sound. help me find the software cause

rear speaker occasionally works after a hard reset. it'll work for a while, maybe even all day, and then stop.

if i listen carefully, when the speaker is supposed to be sounding a notification, ringing or playing music or the sound to a video i'm watching.. there is a perfectly timed ticking noise. tickticktickticktick. maybe on the order of 480-500hz? and only while it's supposed to be making sound. when the phone would be otherwise silent, the speaker is silent as it should be.

i replaced the speaker and i've tested it's connection. those are both 100% certainly good.

some app, or some other feature of the phone or some script in the os is causing the speaker to stop working properly.

if anyone can throw me some ideas, great. or maybe this'll send a spark in someone else's brain.. "you know, i've noticed every time i start x app i loose sound" or "every time i plug my phone in, i loose sound"

mine's almost random now, i wish i had caught on when it happened seldom. but hopefully we can find some results.

verizon, DO NOT suggest a factory reset. that means i'll loose all the data stored on my phone. so it'll start up serving no purpose besides being a phone untill the long task of restoring everything from contacts and such. so if it doesn't fire up as a smart phone with all my data, what am i really paying for? we're looking for a solution, not a short-term fix.

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Hi monkeymagic. It sounds like you've certainly done more than your share of trying to get that speaker working. Since a reset temporarily worked, that definitely tells me it's not a physical issue with the speaker, more an application like you've mentioned. But resets are a lot of work so I know why you are hesitant on doing it again.

There's nothing pre-installed on the Incredible 2 that would cause the speaker to intermittantly stop working. The applications that would generally cause your phone to go into a silent mode would be applications that allow the phone to be placed into a car dock mode or that change the sound profiles of your device. With the hundreds of thousands of applications through Google Play, there's no shortage of applications that offer this type of service. Many of these apps will have a setting to turn an automatic launch option on or off. You can try by locating any apps you have like this and either seeing if the app has a setting to turn off the auto launch, or try removing the app completely.

Thank you

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