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spontaneous off/on & unresponsive

A week now of the cell spontaneously turning off then on. If phone call received, can't end call nor do other buttons work. Temporary solution seems to be to pull the battery and  all is ok until next call. Nothing feels overheated. Two friends have experienced same with their Droid-X and they said the issue eventually stopped as surprisingly as it began. Any ideas?

Re: spontaneous off/on & unresponsive

Press volume down rocker and the power key at the same time for 5 secs and phone options pop up " press power off "

Power back on with the power key after 15 secs

Re: spontaneous off/on & unresponsive
Customer Support

Oh wow goofycell. Spontaneity is a good thing, just not when it comes to reliability. The reboot junior509 recommended is a great start. But did all this trouble seem to start after you downloaded a particular application or did any kind of update on your phone? If an application triggered some of the quirky behavior, let's try to uninstall a couple of the most recently updated or installed applications.

If the trouble continues, a full reset may be needed to clear out any corruption that's causing the hiccups.

Thank you

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