ut oh i lost my new cell phone book

just trying to take//move photos on my stratosphere cell phone all of them onto my big PC/desk top, I have the cable wire it just is not doing anything when I connect them, need my book, guide, is there a online guide book to the stratosphere bla bla bla , if I had it I could read how, help, this online thing is a joke I been here for 2 hours and 2 long no help....now what?

Re: ut oh i lost my new cell phone book


USB Settings

You can choose how your phone responds when you connect it to

a PC by USB cable: Mass storage mode, ready for transferring

files, Internet connection mode, to allow another device to use

the phone’s data connection, or Ask on plug, to give you the

opportunity to set each connection.

1. From the Home screen, press the  Menu Key, then

touch Settings ➔ USB settings.

2. Choose a setting:

• Ask on plug: When you connect your phone to a PC by USB cable,

you’ll be prompted to choose a USB connection mode.

• USB  mode:

– Mass storage mode: When connected, your phone is treated as a

mass storage device for transferring information. For more information,

see “Transferring Files to a Memory Card” on page 90.

– Internet connection mode: When connected, your phone allows the

connected PC to use its mobile data network connection. For more

information, see “Internet connection mode” on page 112.

Re: ut oh i lost my new cell phone book
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I'm curious why you started another thread rather than just replying to the one you already had?