WHY can't I get my $50 Xbox gift card as PROMISED in my contract!???
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This is long, and a lot of reading...

Well, I can no longer post my screenshot of the promos we were supposed to get in writing...
They included -

Xbox Series X

$50 Xbox gift card

2 $50 Verizon gift cards

$200 Amazon gift card

MoCA Ethernet Adapter.

I already had to FIGHT to get both the Xbox and the Amazon card, which we FINALLY did receive...
The Xbox gift card.
Not gonna happen, but not ONE PERSON at Verizon can tell me why!
"Accidental" dropped calls and timed out chats with NO answers.

Signed up 1st week of December, and I was able to SEE pending offers of everything.
When it came time to get the Xbox, it never moved INTO ready to redeem, and the pages wouldn't load correctly when it finally did...about 8 chats/calls later, it finally did and we received it.  SAME with the Amazon card.
But we got them.

Xbox gift card was THERE under pending, able to redeem January 27th, then it disappeared, never to return again, and nobody can tell me where it went.
Finally, someone by the name "Miss Ilipo" stated that the Xbox card was not redeemable until February 26th.
Okay.  Waited until around noon on Monday, nothing available.
Two "dropped" chats later, I gave up and called, and I was told by a "David" he COULD see the Xbox e-gift card and the 2 Verizon gift cards on my account, and when I asked him why I couldn't see them, he transferred me to a Sean/Shawn...who told me there were no Xbox cards available to give, but it WAS on my account on January 29th.
No, it was not.
Now he offered a $50 Verizon gift card instead.   On top of THAT offer, he told me it wouldn't get to me for about 30 days...WHY?   If I am able to receive something on a certain date, WHY do I have to wait another day for it???

I did receive an email from Verizon at 1 am this morning with a link to my offers telling me it's time to redeem my promos, though!
But the only thing there was the MoCA adapter which I don't need.
No Xbox or Verizon cards, only the two I already have coming on 3/3 &3/7...to be honest, I can already feel I will be fighting to get THOSE as well!

I want my Xbox card, just on principle at this point, because it was promised in my contract that Verizon offered.
Verizon has broken their contract, and I am extremely disappointed in this company...VERY sorry to have switched from Cox...
Not just because of these major runarounds, a plethora of other things, like I can't watch tv while at my computer, I can only record 2 shows at once, not 5 like we're used to...all the little things add up quickly, on top of this mess.

I feel that Verizon does this stuff on purpose, so the new customers will get tired of fighting, and then they don't lose as much $$$.

I just want my $50 Xbox gift card.
Yes, I realize I can take $50 off my monthly bill, then use that savings on MIcrosoft...but no...that is NOT what I was offered.


Re: WHY can't I get my $50 Xbox gift card as PROMISED in my contract!???

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