Verizon taking away TV channels
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Here we go again... There were some older postings with tons of complaints about channels going away from subscriptions... It's happening again.

Just 2 months ago we signed up for a package that included five "special" channels, including AHC and Science. Just overnight, these two went away... it took me 3 hours on chat and live talk to 4 different people to find out that they were dropped from our subscription. No prior notification, and no explanation was given. If we want them, pay $15 extra...or upgrade to a more expensive plan. No thank you!

1. Why is it that neither customer support nor tech support know this and have us go through agonizing tests and many wasted hours?

2. Why is it that Verizon is so unethical as to not notify their customers of such changes?

3. Why doesn't Verizon even allow us to see on-line which channels are in our subscription? We can only see the name of the package, and the package changes willy-nilly from one day to another...

I plan to put it complaints to the FCC, BBB, and the state regulatory commission. I think everyone having this problem should complain!

Re: Verizon taking away TV channels
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Very Similar..

All of a sudden, I lost channel 622 (Science Channel) and 568 (News Nation).. I attempted to connect to Verizon via Facebook, but their 'secure-chat' never worked.. I kept getting an error that the link had 'timed-out' even though I just tried to connect.. is this the best they can do~? .. for $234.987 a month~??.. really~???