Visual Voicemail won't activate

I have a Pixel XL (1) running Android Oreo, and recently upgraded to Visual Voicemail. The message screen in the phone app shows an error that says Visual Voicemail is not activated, and prompts me to call the regular voicemail to retrieve audio-only messages. If I go to Settings (in the phone app) and select voicemail, an error message reads "Visual voicemail is not activated yet, please try again later."

It has been this way for at least 1-2 months. All attempts by Verizon tech support have failed; they prompted me to restart, soft reset, disable and re-enable the phone app, and they also did something on their end to reset my voicemail account at least twice. Nothing is working. So far I have NOT done a full factory reset, for obvious reasons. I'm hoping I can avoid that; Verizon has not prompted me to do that, anyway.

Obviously I am paying for a monthly service that doesn't work, so I need to get this fixed.

Any ideas?

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Re: Visual Voicemail won't activate
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You don't need to pay for Visual Voicemail to get visual voicemail on the Pixel phones. You might also need to have an active 4G or 3G cellular connection to access the Visual Voicemail through the dialer application.

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Re: Visual Voicemail won't activate
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I want you to be able to use visual voicemail, chrisparis.  1-2 months is too long and I want to avoid a Factory Data Reset if possible. Let's get more information. Were you able to use visual voicemail before you updated to Oreo? After updating to Oreo, did you update the visual voicemail application? If not, please update the voicemail application.

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