After factory data reset, Google calender won't sync

Have completed TWO factory data resets on HTC Thunderbolt.  Once w/deleting SD Card and once without.  Still cannot get the calendar to sync past 30 days!  I asked Big Red about it and they told me an "in house" HTC programmer would call me.  That never happened and this was two weeks ago.  .  Can anyone suggest how to get my calendar back?

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Hi, Tweebolt!

I'm sorry you did not receive that call back! I want to see your calendar working properly for you! When you go into Settings>Accounts & Sync>Gmail/Google> are you seeing Calendar sync greyed out or checked? If greyed out I've got some tricks I want you to give a try. What I suggest is going into Settings>Account, then creating a new Gmail account (this is nothing you have to keep, we're only going to use it for five minutes). Once created, go into the Accounts & Sync, select the new account and ensure Calendar is set to sync. Then go into your Calendar application, tap Menu>Settings>ensure your real Gmail account exists and add a new event. Next, you'll go back to Account & Sync, and you should have the option to check Calendar sync under the real Gmail account. Check it to initiate the sync. After all is said and done and the sync is complete, go under Accounts & Sync and remove that fake account you set up. I've been this jump start a Gmail account countless times, and its a lot of steps but takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Keep me posted!

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What does an in house htc programmer even mean..they will say anything to get a good survey lol