Another problem since update

Since this recent update I have had a issue with WiFi.  It always says "error" immediately after I check the button.  I only use the phones software for enabling and disabling this feature.  During this update however it had a "unsuccessful" message.


Status message for update:

Source: Verizion Wireless

Name: Thunderbolt_2.11.605.9

Status: Update Failed

Code: 410

Date: 12/18/11

Time: 12:15AM


Software Version: 2.3.4

HTC Sence version: 2.1

Software number 2.11.605.9

PRI Version 1.41_005, 1.64_002

PRL version 14010

ERI version 5

Kernel version: htc-kernel@and 18-2 #1 Thu Oct 6 12:49:54 CST 2011

Baseband version:

Build number 2.11.605.9 CL206244 release-keys

Browser version: WebKit/533.1


When I try to look for updates again or to try to reinstall this update, it says no updates are available.  Any suggestions?

Re: Another problem since update

Try removing the setup connection and add them again because the update changed the radio and the Bluetooth stacks that are related to this feature and the old setting may be unsupported with the new configuration guidelines..