Any word on Sense 5.5?
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Does anyone have an idea when sense 5.5 will finally come to the HTC One? I got really sad when the android 4.3 update didn't have it alongside it.

Re: Any word on Sense 5.5?

I updated my firmware last night!  I knew they had talked about making the update to Kitkat 4.4 by the end of the month of January, so I have been waiting for any news and also checking the 'software update' on the settings menu periodically.   Well, last night I checked it and sure enough, the update was ready! So after a 30 min download I am up and running with Kitkat 4.4.2 and Sese 5.5!

Now there are some great new improvements with sense 5.5.  The update to the blinkfeed really improves it's ease of use, but where the update really shines is how it allows for much more customization to the blinkfeed content. This really makes the blinkfeed more useful feature. The update to the format/layout of the gallery is nice, but this is where I have a gripe.  They changed all the "themes" that were used for Sense 5.0 (some of the favorites like burbia or vega) to new names and songs! and the new ones all kinda suck!  Adding the ability to use your own music is great, but I want the old themes back!  maybe they will be available for download and you can add them to your music library, thus giving you even more options (hint hint if any one from the tech department reads these posts).

OK, that's my take on the update, what's yours?