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Apps Force Closed on 4G

I understand that this might not be the Thunderbolt issue and I'm sorry if anybody has posted about this. I didnt find it here

But I have lots of 3rd party apps that force closed on me when I am on 4G but if I turned on my Wifi or I'm on 3G area, its working fine.


I found this strange since my internet wifi speed is faster than 4G.

some apps example

Yahoo Messenger.

Flixster Movies

ESPN Scorecenter



Re: Apps Force Closed on 4G

seems that some apps just aren't compatible with LTE yet.  

Re: Apps Force Closed on 4G

it may be a little premature to conclude the listed apps are not happy w/4g. a better test question is "are the apps that exhibit forced closes simply interacting badly with another app. that is a little hard to determine. 


I was having battery problems, wiped the phone, and am back to normal battery use (ablut 24hrs on a charge).


My conclusion: one of the apps I had recently d/l had some runaway processes that caused the battery issue. 


my point: software interaction is the most likely cause of forced closures (part of the issue could be some of the newer components of the os (one possibility is the suite of components that enable 4g).