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Beware Emails from Verizon

This is an excerpt from Verizon to me about CPN look what
Vipre found and block



Consider Verizon tells me not to worry they aren’t sharing
my info but their own email contains phishing  url…..


You have a right to request that your CPNI remain private, and may do so by
clicking the Do Not Share My CPNI button below. Unless you notify us within 45
days of receiving this notice that you do not want your CPNI shared, we will
assume that you give us the right to share your CPNI with the authorized
companies described above.


VIPRE Anti-phishing
found a known bad URL in your email message. It was deleted or quarantined,
depending on your settings, and replaced with this message. The anti-phishing
setting is located in File>Settings under the Email Protection tab.


Please be advised if you allow your CPNI to be shared, your consent will remain valid
until we receive your notice withdrawing it, or for two years, whichever comes
first. You may withdraw your consent at any time through My Verizon.


This is what it blocked


           Important Information Regarding Your
Verizon Wireless Account..txt

Source:                                  Email

            7/10/2011 8:09 AM


     Misc (General)


Description:         Miscellaneous threats include
applications that do not fit into other categories or that fall into multiple
categories. Miscellaneous threats typically include some form of potentially
objectionable functionality that may pose privacy or security risks to users
and their PCs.


Advice:                                  This is a
moderate risk and should be removed or quarantined as it may negatively impact
your privacy and security or make unwanted changes to your computer's settings.




Consider Verizon tells me not to worry they aren’t sharing
my info but their own email contains phishing  url…..

Re: Beware Emails from Verizon

Have you considered that the problem may be Vipre and not Verizon? Have you checked with Sunbelt? Have you checked with Verizon to see if it's a legit email?

Re: Beware Emails from Verizon

I just recieved this email as well. I was skeptical as I am with any email that asks me to click a link to do something offical. So I went to the website manually to find out if it was valid. I have been w/ verizon for years and never heard of this. I had a hard time finding anything about it til I looked in the forums. The first forum i read about this was over two years ago and seemed like a rep was having a argument with a customer about privacy and how verizon is trying to make it difficult to find this opt out. Makes me wonder if I don't give my opt out before 45 days and it's considered I'm giving my permission for two years, is this actually my renewal of unknowingly opting in? Have I been allowing them to gather my info and share it (even storing it is more than I'd appreciate) for the past two years plus? I'm not sure if that was actually an offical representative of verizon in that old forum being confrontational, but the combo of all this has me concerned about being a customer. I've finally found and did my opt out but am not happy.