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Can i have Verizon delete my text messages?

So, my phone has been stolen recently and i have very important things in there and the person who found my phone wants 200$ for it. I don't have that much money to pay her and i don't know what to do. If she hard reset my phone and it deletes all of my data which includes messages and contacts I'm fine with that she can have it, but i'm worry that she will mess with my other stuff if she figures out my password. I don't know what to do so i was just wondering is there any way Verizon has the ability to delete my msgs from my phone from their system or computer? or is it to good to be true?

Re: Can i have Verizon delete my text messages?

I'm afraid that the answer is... Not unless you have something like Mobile recovery or Mobile lookout installed on your phone already. If you have either you can go to the respective websites and wipe all of your personal data. I would call the police though, it seems as if that is a form of theft.

Good luck!

Re: Can i have Verizon delete my text messages?
Super User
Super User

Have you call Verizon to report the phone as stolen?  That will disable the phone and prevent anyone from activating it on their account.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Can i have Verizon delete my text messages?
Verizon Employee

Hello yeshie09,

It is very unfortunate that you had to experience this!

As the other members have already mentioned, unless you had a 3rd party Mobile Recovery or Mobile Lookout application installed on your device that would allow you to remotely wipe, we wouldn't be able to delete the phone information for you.  Once the data (text/contacts/email.. etc.) reaches the device it is on the device until the user physically deletes it from the device.  Did you have a security password or lock pattern established and active on the device at the time it was stolen?  If so, you wouldn't have to worry about the data being accessed.  In order for someone to unlock a password protected Android device, they would have to factory reset the device.  The only data that may be retrievable to the person who has the device, once unlocked, would be data stored on the SD memory card.

Also, as Ann154 suggested, have you had a chance to suspend the line for lost or stolen?  This would prevent the user from being able to active the device on another line.  This can be done online ( or by calling into Customer Service (*611).

I hope we have answered your questions, and have addressed your concerns.


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