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Changing the gmail address that my phone runs off of

How do i change the gmail address my phone runs off of? I know how to add other addresses but that isn't what i want to do. I read somewhere to do a factory reset but that i would lose everything on my phone... Also is there a way to convert stuff from my old phones SD card to my SD card in the rhyme?

Any advice appreciated....

Re: Changing the gmail address that my phone runs off of
Verizon Employee

Hello Mrs. Mercer,

I would like to help you adjust the settings on your device.  The main Gmail account can only be setup upon the initial device activation.  Unfortunately, there is no way to switch the primary Gmail account without completing a hard reset.  I can confirm that most of the information on your phone can be backed up and restored after the reset.  Media, like pictures and videos, are not affected by the reset as they are stored on the SD card, unless you make the choice to wipe the card too.  Contacts are typically backed up through the Gmail account but since you will be changing this we will have to review another method.  Backup Assistant can be very useful and is an option in People app as "Backup" after pressing Menu.  You can also save your contacts to your memory card.  While in the People app, press Menu, choose Import/Export, choose Export to SD Card and select a file name.  To restore after the reset follow the same steps but choose Import from SD card and then select the file you created before. Any paid applications would have to be repurchased as they are related to the original Gmail account.  I have included the instructions to complete a hard reset on the Rhyme if you want to complete the process.

Hard Reset on Rhyme

The easiest way to transfer the media from your old card onto the new would be through a computer.  You will want to hookup your old phone to your computer via USB.  Once connected you should be prompted to activate "Mass Storage Mode." You will then be able to pull up your files as a removable drive on your computer.  If you have multiple USB ports you can then connect the Rhyme and start dragging and dropping the desired files into the new card. If your ports are limited you will want to copy the files to your computer then connect the Rhyme and copy to its SD card.  If you need further assistance with any of your concerns I would be happy to help further. 

Thank You,


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