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I don't think this is a problem, but up until this morning, every time I tapped on Software update/Check new, I would get the message Checking for new software available, then I would get one of two messages. Either No software update available, or a message like No connection available.

Since this morning, I get the message Checking for new software available, then it just goes away and I don't get any other messages. I went to Verizon and the rep I talked to tried it and his did the same thing. Any one else noticed this change?

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I received this error over the past few days:




Check for Software Update under

Settings when service is available


But starting today, I still receive the initial error, but it goes away on its own and I then displays the following error:



Error: 2304



I hope this is positive news, so I contacted Verizon Support and was told they know nothing about any updates for the Thunderbolt.  I contacted HTC Support, but they said the latest OTA update was released last Monday.  Of course, there was no additional information available...


Neither Verizon or HTC could explain what the error meant.  They just always offer to replace it with a refurbished device.  Nothing quite like offering customers a phone that was used or abused by someone else, but likely with the same problems....