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Corrupted Picture Files

May, 27, 2013

Hi ArnettH_VZW

I had very good service from my phone when I first got it with the old 2.2 OS but it has been down hill since then.

I had used my phone to take so many very good Pictures and Videos that I had come to the point that there was no need to carry my Cannon any more. I have an HTC Rezound. It is wonderful hardware but cell service is like a Chain, it is only as good as the weakest link.

I went to Lubbock, Texas to my Uncles 90th birthday and 65th wedding anniversary yesterday. I took pictures and videos that can not be replaced. There were people there from California, Oklahoma, Texas and Main. My videos and some of the pictures are corrupted and will never be recovered. I have had trouble with my phone every since Verizon began to send updates and the last one was the worst. You require us to sign a two year contract and hand us a phone that is only good for one year. I know that you are the top selling provider and I was with you for over 20years ending in 2005 with few years on another carrier while we were in an area that you did not service taking care of my Mother until she passed. I went with Sprint for five years and returned to you one year and two months ago. Verizon has grown so large that they make a lot of hipe about service but do not deliver. I have only 10 months and I will be history. I will also never sign another contract and suggest that all of us cell users do the same. If we refuse to sign contracts, we can get service back. The smaller carriers care more about me.

Many people may not realize that you could turn their phones without a contract if the phone uses the same radio frequencies but you will not in order to get another two year contract. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.



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Re: Corrupted Picture Files - has anyone found a fix?
Customer Support

Hey there RonnyClark.

The HTC Rezound is a great phone.  My favorite feature is the HTC Beats Audio speakers.  The music quality is incredible.

Happy 90th birthday to your uncle and congratulations to him and his wife for the 65 years of marriage.  I'm sorry that there was an issue with the camera, that did not allow you to take pictures.  While I cannot do much to bring those pictures back, we can complete troubleshooting to make sure an issue like this does not occur again.

One thing to keep in mind is that we don't manufacture the phones, we provide the service that these phone works on.  The phones are manufactured by companies such as Motorola, HTC, Apple, Samsung etc.

The phone's that are produced are of high quality and we don't atticipate any of them having any issues, but as with all technology, hiccups occur.  That's why there is the manufactures warranty and we also offer additional insurance to make sure that you have a fully functional phone at all times.

I truly would be saddened to leave.  Please let us know what we can do to retain your services.

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Re: Corrupted Picture Files

Hi, I feel that there is nothing wrong with my phone as you can see that others have the same problem after the last software upgrade that your programmers put together and that is Verizons responsibility to check before it is sent to our phones. If you check this issue along with speaker rattle, you will find it all over the net. I have went to my local Verison store and the manager is a friend. She said that there was little that they could do and said that my phone needed to be replaced. Thanks for your concern. I know that you care. I also know that the company does not.



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