Dear Verizon, since you ruined my phone, please take it back

Dear Verizon,

I've been using you for mobile service ever since you were Bell Atlantic.  I've been a loyal customer and haven't really asked for anything from you other than your usual good data and voice service in exchange for a fair price.

However, you chose to push out an Android 4.3/HTC update which has effectively ruined my phone.  There is no legitimate (e.g. not-a-custom-ROM) way to reverse what you've done, so I'd like you to please take the responsibility for this and allow me to return my phone or exchange it for another model.  What do I mean by "ruined"?

- The wifi on the phone regularly "forgets" the passphrase to my work and home networks (about every 1 to 24 hours).  It also won't stay connected for very long after I re-enter my passphrase.

- The wifi shows that I'm connected to networks that are no longer in range, and haven't been in range for days.

- 4G service is often about as slow as a 28k modem, when it works at all.  This is in areas where I've known it to work reliably and speedily before, particularly at home and work.

- You installed more adware on my phone in the form of apps that I will never use and can't remove.  (Which, as far as I'm concerned indicates to me that you claim some form of ownership of this device, so I guess if you own it you might as well take it back.  It's weird though, because I thought it was mine).

Since I effectively have no (or at best, intermittent) data service of any kind on my phone, I think that it's fair to say that it's been ruined.  If I wanted a data-less phone I'd move back to 1996 and get a Palm Pilot.  Oh, and I'm still paying for your wonderfully red map of the United States that you feature on your commercials while receiving little of the benefits.

These problems started immediately after the installation of the last software update, and the phone worked reliably and well for all the previous months that I've owned it.

I've tried all sorts of remedies as recommended on various forums and blogs.  None of it helps.

Incidentally, I've never been a fan of custom ROMs because they're unsupported by the manufacturer and service provider which could theoretically lead to warranty issues in the future.  But when the service provider and manufacturer are the ones making my phone worse instead of better, then I guess there's no harm in installing a ROM.  But I'd rather you just allow me to return the phone.

You know what, maybe I'm being a bit harsh.  You can take the phone back and fix it.  But if you expect me to waste hours troubleshooting a problem that you've caused then you're out of your minds.



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A friend of mine got the HTC One recently. So far the update hasn't been a problem.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

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My HTC One is just fine. No issues at all with the update, other than it didn't give me Sense 5.5.

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how many times have Verizon reps told you to do a factory reset? from what I'm reading that seems to be their solution for every android issue these days.