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Agreeed, it IS Awesome. However, the battery life is pretty poor, it takes serious watching and management to make it last more than a few hours. Turning off WiFi and GPS helps a lot, heavy browsing will also kill it faster. The extended battery helps, but you cannot use the case or the silicone case with that battery which is a pain. Also, The Desk Dock is not available so you cannot charge the device and the battery at the same time. All that aside, I would not give it up or trade it. I did buy the Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S phone, loved that too, but the 4G came out a week later so I upgraded. I did like the interface better, but these are small issues and I fully expect them to be mostly corrected soon, With the upgrade to 2.3 (gingerbread isn't it?) and hopefull the desk dock wil be out soon too.

Totall AWESOME!!!

Re: Ditto!

I'll agree the stock battery is to small but I have been running the extended battery since the day I got my T-bolt. With the extended battery I get great battery life. I took it off the charger at 6am this morning and now at 4:30 pm I'm at a calculated 57%. I've never been a fan of cases so the lack of one for the extended battery doesn't bug me. Be careful switching between the exteneded battery and stock battery, the only time I've dropped my t-bolt is when I decided to run the slim orginal battery and didn't have the big finger grip on back to keep it from slipping from my hands 😕 As for your desk dock check this out Mobi makes a dock right now and it holds another battery.