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I have had my Rhyme for about a week now and I accidentally changed it out of Dock mode.  Verizon support was not able to help me switch it back.  Anyone know how to get this thing back in Dock mode?

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I would be happy to see what we need to do to get the Rhyme out of dock mode.
Switching to Dock Mode
Dock Mode turns HTC Rhyme into a desk clock, photo slideshow viewer, or
music player. You can also set it as a speakerphone when you receive calls
while HTC Rhyme is docked.
1. With the dock plugged in, place HTC Rhyme into the dock.
HTC Rhyme automatically turns on Bluetooth and switches to Dock
2. If prompted, choose how you want to use the dock for audio.

To exit Dock Mode, tap the circle with the x in it or remove HTC Rhyme from the dock.

Once that is done what happens? Did it go back to dock mode when plugged back in to the dock station?

Tamara H.
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