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Dying Rezound for a week now...

I'm sure tons of people have mentioned these issues, but I'm too lazy to search through the whole forum!

First of all, my text conversations stopped loading several days ago. It shows the white screen and says "loading" but then never actually shows the thread. I tried limiting the number of texts per thread, now sometimes it loads, and sometimes it doesn't. Whether it loads or not, my texts send really slowly now (20-30 minutes after) and I receive delayed texts as well.

Two days ago, my phone stopped charging and wouldn't turn on. I borrowed my friend's charger, and it works now but charges extremely slowly (1 hour for 20%!). The battery drains like crazy now too.

Sometimes (esp. when watching videos), my screen fades to gray, sort of like getting tunnel vision and then gradually turning completely gray. It disappears if I press the power button a couple times, but this always freaks me out.

Should I call for a replacement? I've had the phone for almost eight months now. How long does it take the replacement phone to arrive?

Re: Dying Rezound for a week now...

Have you tried a factory reset?  Did you install any new apps just before this new feature manifested itself?  Sounds like it could be malware has attacked your phone.

I had mine replaced for a hardware failure and I had a new phone in 2 days. It was a Re-certified phone but it has been rock solid.

Re: Dying Rezound for a week now...
Customer Support

No one likes those type of issues with their phone drizzzy. I'm here to help you resolve those issues. cavergary is right, there could be some incompatible apps on your device that may cause issues. I recommend enabling/disabling safe mode on your phone.  Here are the steps . Has your phone been wet or physically damaged? This would also cause functionality issues. Is your charging port damaged or loose? I recommend clearing the cache and browser history. Here are the steps & . The last step would be a factory reset. Yes, you can discuss a replacement if you continue to have issues, if your phone is under warranty and your phone has no damage. Please keep us posted with the status of your issue. ^KH