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When I go online to my email from my PC and delete or file emails, they don't show up as filed or deleted on my phone.  Is there a way to update my email on the phone to indicate activity from my PC?  If I delete email from my phone, it's gone when I go online from the PC but not visa versa. 

Re: Email updates
Customer Service Rep

Hello scoop_15,

Email continues to be one of the most popular ways of communicating in today’s wireless world! After all, emails offer one of the highest character limits in messaging and it has features that other non-voice communication paths have yet to incorporate. May I ask is the email that you have on your HTC Rhyme a work email or a personal email? Also, are you using any type of email program to manage your emails on your computer such as Microsoft Outlook?

In most cases, once the email is delivered and stored on the device’s memory then it is now governed by the functionality of the phone. For example, if the email is on the phone then you delete it from the computer afterwards then the email on the device is not affected. This is because the computer doesn’t have any hierarchy over the phone. This means that the email will have to be manually deleted on the phone. Now there are some exceptions to this rule.

The most common exception is if this is a work email. If your company uses Microsoft Exchange then both the device and the email server can be programmed to initial changes to the emails as the user see fit. If you could be so kind as to advise are you using an Exchange server for your email needs then I can better clarify and assist on how to get this accomplished for you!

Thank you…

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