Factory Reset now can't redownload apps

Due to an encryption nightmare I had to hard reset/ factory reset my phone. Since I have done so i have discovered that Verizon's backup assistant is a joke. I highly suggest you manually save your contacts and photos... Anyway, I reset my phone and I attempted to re-download all my apps. Since it is the same phone Google Play shows my device and that the apps are already downloaded. I hit the install button and it shows the message "your app will download soon" and nothing happens. I can not delete my device I can only hide it, I changed my google account but it is still linked to my other google account.

Does anyone have any suggestions to download these apps?? I can't delete my device nor the old account that shows the device. HELP!

Re: Factory Reset now can't redownload apps

Are you doing this from your phone or your desktop? You say it is the same phone? Is it logged into Google Play on the same account?

I have done factory resets, changed phones, changed phones back and I have always been able to re-download apps from Google Play, whether it is from my desktop OR right from the handset. Of course, the phone must be signed into that Google Play account AND have internet access.

Hopefully it works out for you.