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Freezing while trying to dial

Does anyone else have the problem where the phone will randomly choose not to dial either from favorites or directly from a contact or even the dial pad? I have to wait up to 10 minutes before the thing will allow me to dial again. It is up to date with the most recent software.


Any help  or suggestions would be appreciated as this is nuts!

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Re: Freezing while trying to dial
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I understand how frustrating it would be to have to wait so long to make a call. I have not seen this as a reported issue. If you haven't already, I would suggest pulling out the battery and leaving it out for a few seconds. The next step would be clearing storage from the Dialer application. Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Dialer>Clear data/cache. If you have an option for Dialer Storage, do the same thing with that application.

Re: Freezing while trying to dial
Super User
Super User
Fyi, clearing the Dialer Storage will erase all your call logs and text messages.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Freezing while trying to dial

Verizon Techs should do more research before posting to threads.

I have the EXACT same problem with my Thunderbolt. It primarily happens right after ending a previous call, when you immediately attempt to make a call. While pulling the battery does quickly remedy the problem, where is the convenience of using the phone if you have to wait 5 minutes (exaggeration) for the phone to reboot or do this each time the dialer freezes. And in regards to clearing the cache, if it happened EVERY time I tried to make a call, I would be inclined to agree with that action. I never had this problem with Android 2.1, it's only been since the 2.2 update back in July. And I certainly hope it's not a problem once Verizon can figure out how to make 2.3 work.

This is my 4th HTC device dating back to Alltel. Verizon has not impressed me much since switching from Alltel. I am very close to giving them back the phone and getting an EVO at Sprint.

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