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Front facing camera FC & Super lag with Texting!!! HELP!

I think the problems all began right after I updated the software just a few days ago.  For some reason, the forward facing cam doesn't work anymore.  I change the option in the camera to the front facing cam and you can briefly see the image but then the FC window pops up and just like that, it shuts down.  Also, with my texts, it's majorly slow.  It can take up to 2 minutes before the 'sending message' wait screen disappears.  I just get tired of waiting and go to the home screen.  Then when I go back and check, it sent it, but it gives me a hard time to open the message.  Then it'll freeze and cause it to force close.  I've tried clearing data, deleting messages.  And to top it all off, the phone occasionally restarts on its own about 2-3 times! WHAT IS GOING ON =(  I haven't d/l any new apps.  Just the software update.  Someone please tell me I'm not the only one with a possessed phone.  thanks

Re: Front facing camera FC & Super lag with Texting!!! HELP!
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Well it definitely does sound like your phone is possessed, but hopefully I can help. I have seen some people have this issue with the front camera force closing also. Some have noticed this happening after using 3rd party video apps like Tango. If you have any of these applications I would suggest removing and testing the camera again. 


I have not seen this issue with a delay in sending messages. Is this happening with all SMS? I would try clearing your messaging data again and deleting your threads. If it is still occurring, I recommend a factory reset. 


Lastly, we have seen several reports of rebooting on the Thunderbolt. We are currently working with the manufacturer to develop a new software to resolve this issue.