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GPS/Google Nav Problem on Thunderbolt

Is anyone else having problems with Google Navigation losing the GPS signal on their Thunderbolt while navigating? I drive a tractor-trailer for a living, and I use Google Navigation for turn-by-turn directions to my deliveries. I migrated to the HTC Thunderbolt from a Motorola Droid X and had no problems with Google Nav on that phone (well, O.K., it would occasionally lose the GPS signal, but that was far and few between!), but when I'm navigating on the Thunderbolt, it loses the GPS signal at least once during my trip (and sometimes several times)! When this happens, Google Nav just sits there saying "searching for GPS" and will sit there like that all day long, if I let it. The only way to get it working again is to cancel the Navigation and then start it over again (I'm NOT talking about closing the Google Navigation program and reopening it, I just mean ending that particular trip's navigation and then restarting it). I have my Wi-Fi enabled during my navigation sessions as Google Navigation prompts me to do to improve location accuracy, but this still happens with regularity. I can expect it to lose the GPS signal at least once during my trip (my trips average 250-500 miles in length), and sometimes several times. This is frustrating and can, at times, be downright dangerous (if I'm, say, in downtown Chicago in heavy traffic going to a place I've never been before in a tractor and 53' trailer)!


Is there something wrong with my Thunderbolt, or are others experiencing this issue?





Re: GPS/Google Nav Problem on Thunderbolt

yes I am!!! I had a Droid for the past two years and when the Thunderbolt came out I was first in line for one. I had to drive to another state for my daughters wedding and it was a disaster driving to get around a new city with a gps that did not want to work...I've waited up to 10 min for it to kick in. I just went the the store today and they told me there are issues with TB and the GPS as Verizon is working out the bugs..I hope they work them out very soon! Other than that, I'm loving this phone!

Re: GPS/Google Nav Problem on Thunderbolt

Droid Incredible I used before I got Thunderbolt worked fine with Nav and GPS.


Thunderbolt works but is much slower and loses GPS. GPS is weak on this phone.