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HTC One M7

I have an HTC One M7 I received back in Aug of 2013. Since then I have had two additional units possibly going onto my 4th. First I must say beside the issues I love this phone. But the issues have been numerous to say the least. Issues now are as follows:

Battery life since upgrade - horrible - maybe 7-8 hours before at 10% or under

Messaging App - lags awful - have archived messages and deleted but still seems extremely slow for a messaging app - imessage is much better I must say

Data Quality - phone constantly switches in and out of 3G and 4G and sometime no G randomly

Any help on these? Also is it even worth moving to the M8 if given the opportunity? Manufacture warranty runs out Aug 30th. Trying to get this resolved before I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: HTC One M7

A lot of people with HTC One m7 phones reported bad battery life after they updated their OS's to 4.2.2. The fix that worked for most of them was to clear their caches. Here is how they did it:

What do you have set as your preferred network? Is it set to LTE/CDMA as opposed to Global?

Some people have stated MMS sends faster when set to Global over the other options. Additionally others have said having Global set leads to less time that the phone is searching for signals. A person in Texas reported when set to LTE/CDMA his/her phone would search for a signal for up to 2 minutes when switching between towers, but when it was set to Global it took 10-15 seconds in those same areas.

On my old phone (a Samsung Stratosphere) it only had the LTE/CDMA, and CDMA options, and there would be times when my texts (and/or picture messages) didn't go out (staying in pending status), and times when it would say pending and actually have sent. With my new phone (a HTC One m8 set to Global) everything sends right away. I also find places were I encountered low signals, or slow connections with my old phone seem to be connected at 4G LTE, have stronger signal strength, and faster speeds with my new phone. While the phone itself, the texting app (default on the old phone, but Verizon Message on the new), and other things (Android version 2.x vs 4.4.2) may have been factors in the issues I believe the Global setting is a big reason why things run so smoothly and quickly now.

My thoughts are the less time your phone spends searching for a connection the less battery it will use, and the faster your connection and speed the sooner you are done doing what you were doing, and the sooner you can sleep your phone (using less battery then when your using it).

As a result my suggestion would be to use global which could both fix your texting problem, increase your battery life a bit, and fix the constant loss and reconnection of your G status.