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HTC One and Verizon Fail

Why does Verizon fail so much! Omg I was incredibly excited to get the HTC One and play around with it.  >>comment removed<<  the FM Radio is disabled or something... And of course, the general practice of charging for tethering is criminal though Verizon isn't the only evil practitioner of this.

Verizon has some of the best phones (though the HTC One isn't exclusive), the best network, but the WORST business practices and the highest price tags.

I've put up with Verizon for well over a decade... after these disappointments with the HTC One (Motorola Bionic prior to this) I am finally considering leaving Verizon forever!  AT&T has the HTC One, maybe they'll appreciate my business more.  Seriously Verizon, why so evil and greedy?  The $65 dollar loss (non-refundable upgrade fee + re-stock fee) is worth breaking free.

/end rant

>>Post edited to remove discussions of moderation and rooting/hacking.  Please review the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service <<

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Re: HTC One and Verizon Fail
Sr. Member

Every company has different phones and features...vzw has plenty of phones with an fm radio.. It never hurts to do a little research when buying a big ticket item like a $600 cell phone...