HTC One trade in

Best buy is running a special on the HTC One through a third party called Clover. You go to store and buy the HTC One for $50 and then send in your iPhone as trade for $150. Offer expires 9/30. Has anyone done this? Does it sound legit?

Re: HTC One trade in
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Uhh..most I-phones  16g or over, (in good working order..cosmetically Ok,) since 2010 are worth more than 200 bucks.

Once Clover Wireless verifies the phone you're trading in meets the requirements, you will be mailed a prepaid Visa Card for the estimated value

.... note the card is issued mailed from Clover Wireless, not HTC.

The promotion dates are 9/10/2013 – 9/30/2013, this will be the period of time in which you can purchase your new HTC One or HTC One mini.

Your qualifying trade in must be post marked by 10/12/2013 in order to qualify for the minimum trade in payment.