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HTC Rezound Will Not Dial Out/Receive Calls

Ok, this problem has been annoyance for the last couple months. Basically every so often my phone will be unable to make calls or receive them, nor be able to send or receive text, thought 3G/4G work perfectly find. When the calls would fail would get this message:

"Call origination attempt fails due to an immediate signal loss(signal fade or no service)."

This seems to occur towards the middle of the day/early evening, rarely late night or early morning. Does not seem signal dependent because I generally have 3-5 bars. Generally occurs at my workplace more often then elsewhere though I have made calls with no problems from my office. I got the phone in December, worked great through January and February. Early March the problem arose here and there, each time was isolated and would clear up in 5-10 mins, wrote it off as fluke problems with the network. Also of note, this is about when I became aware they were upgrading our network to 4G. The problem got increasing worse, where it was almost everyday from 11 am to 7 pm I couldn't make/receive calls. Finally I decided I would do a factory reset. After the reset had no problems at all. Worked great for about a month, but starting a week ago it came back and slowly getting worse again.

Any ideas? I real hesitant about swapping hardware because I think its ridiculous getting a brand new phone just to replace it with a slightly less broken phone(if lucky). Verizon's track history on refurbished phones is not too good. Every person I know who has had a refurb traded in one problem for another.

Re: HTC Rezound Will Not Dial Out/Receive Calls

I have same problem with my HTC Rezound