HTC Rhyme keeps restarting halfway and then turns off

Thursday of last week my rhyme just randomly started turning itself off. I called and got tech support on friday( some kind of reprogramming( called *228 option 1)) seemed to work for a day or two. Now the stupid phone wont even turn on all the way. It gets to the main HTC screen for about 3 seconds and then black screen. I have tried to do a soft reset(holding the power button for 10 seconds) and that didnt work. So i figured ok ill try the hard reset. It brings up the reboot screen that has the factory reset option but before i can select it, the phone shuts off again. Beings that this is my only phone i have no way of calling verizon to get more tech support. This is extremely frustrating as i am home with a sick child and might need to call for help or god forbid an accident happen and i needed to call for emergency help. NOT TO HAPPY WITH THIS PHONE!!!!!!!

Re: HTC Rhyme keeps restarting halfway and then turns off
Customer Service Rep

Hi mysmith146,

I realize the importance of having an operable device and I am confident your issue has been addressed since the original date of your post! If not, I can happily assist you. At your leisure, please follow DM me your wireless number. I look forward to hearing from you soon.^AB

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