HTC Rhyme will not come on

I have had my HTC Rhyme for a little over six weeks now, and after I got off of work today my phone would not turn on. I left it alone for a little while, and tried again to turn it on. It booted up to the HTC screen and then stopped, and began repeating that. HTC Screen, Black Screen, HTC Screen, Black on and so forth, eventually it stopped after a couple of hours, and i plugged the charger in. The LED light is not even coming on, and I've tried the hard factory reset, the screen with three androids never even shows up. Help. Smiley Sad

Re: HTC Rhyme will not come on
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did you ever figure out the problem? my htc rhyme is having about the same problem i was using it with full battery and it just shut off without any damages and wont come back on at all.

Re: HTC Rhyme will not come on
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I can imagine how frustrating it must be not being able to use the phone the way you are supposed to.
It sounds as though you have tried some steps already. When you tried to reset the device did you
Press and hold down the Power Key (upper-right corner).
Select Power Off.
Press and hold the volume down key then briefly press the Power / End key.
When the HBOOT screen appears, release the volume down key.
Press the volume down key to select Factory Reset then press the Power / End key.

If these steps haven't worked, we need to look into replacing it since there isn't anything you can do with it. You can go to any Verizon store or you can call us from a different device at 800.922.0204 option 3 to have it replaced.

Tamara H.
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