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HTC thunderbolt Weather/Incorrect GPS location

I have a problem with the weather/time program that came with my HTC thunderbolt and appears on my home screen. I love the program but it constantly shows the weather (my location) as in Ohio, Columbus or Baltic. I live in SE Michigan. This is my 2nd HTC, the first went back to VZW because I couldn't answer calls on the screen. It also had the same problem with location, it showed Columbus whenever I am at home. VZW store said "it does that sometimes". VZW call center was at a loss to explain it. I have taken out battery, checked the correct GPS & time zone set. If it says Baltic or Columbus I can sometimes fool it by getting into the google maps program and it shoots me from the incorrect location to mine but then goes back. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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Re: HTC thunderbolt Weather/Incorrect GPS location

Do you leave the GPS signal on all the time or turn it off whenever you don't need it?

Try downloading an application called " GPS Test " from the Android Market and run it while standing outside and away from buildings.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.