Hard reset resolved ICS Issues
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I was having all sort up problems with the ICS update. Severe Lag switching between screens. Internet access would just lock up.

Received a phone call from Verizon Tech and he told me that a hard reset seemed to take care of the problems. He advised doing a back up and removing the memory card and these instructions:

From a home screen, select All apps (located at the bottom).


From the All apps tab, select Settings.


Select Storage.


Select Factory data reset.


Select Reset phone.

If presented with unlock screen, draw / enter the required pattern, PIN or password.


Select Erase Everything.

This has resolved all my issues. I did have to reload a few apps but the phone responds faster and the battery life has improved a lot.

Re: Hard reset resolved ICS Issues

I also was having problems after the ICS update. After reading some of the posts on this Forum, decided to do a Factory Reset. Backed up everything and reset the phone. Now all the issues I had went away and the Phone works great.