Help. I was messing with buttons in the lock your phone and it did.  Without giving  me a chance to put in a password it has locked my phone and I can't get into my phone is there any way you could Help.


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If you are talking about the SIM lock, the default is either 1111 or 1234

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Hi dtmunsee,

Inadvertently locking your phone is so irritating! I can relate with your concern, as I have done this myself. You may have changed the lock code without realizing it (which is very easy to do!), but I would like you to try using the last four numbers of your mobile number as the unlock code on your phone. This is, most of the time, the default unlock code.

I really hope that since you posted, you have been able to gain access again to your phone. Below is a link to a simulator for the Rhyme, as well as the device manual.


When clicking on this link, you will see a simulator for the phone, but you will also have the ability to click on the Device Manual. I recommend pressing "Control F" for a search engine, and enter the word "lock," so you can scroll through the manual document.

I'm sure this information will allow you to locate an answer, if you have not already.

Thanks and have a good day!

Christina B

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