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How do I make a complaint with Verizon?

On January 23, 2014, I contacted Verizon Wireless Customer Service because I was experiencing less than satisfactory performance with my HTC One. I purchased the device in September of 2013. Through the first few months I experienced no issues with the device. It was around mid December that the battery performance began to significantly decrease to the point in which I had to charge it multiple times a day to get through the day with it.

            When I contacted customer service I was transferred to a conference call with HTC in which we performed trouble-shooting tasks for the battery. These trouble-shooting tasks did not improve any performance and as a result Verizon sent me a replacement phone.

            The replacement phone I received had more issues with it than the one I returned. On February 1, 2014 I attempted to unlock the phone to answer a message and at this point the phone shut off completely and I was unable to turn it back on or charge for over an hour. I then took it to my local Verizon store in which they were no help to me at all. All the associate did was give me the number to customer service. I went to the store because I wanted personal customer service, I could have easily attained the number from the website. I found this to be extremely unhelpful.

            I then proceeded to call customer service again in which they again transferred me to HTC, I did not know that protocol for customer service at Verizon was to dump their customers onto phone manufacturers. After going through the same trouble-shooting advice with HTC for a second time I was hung up on by both HTC and the Verizon customer service although I was not done voicing my concerns.

            I decided to participate in the customer service survey in which I gave a very poor rating and was informed that I would be hearing from a Verizon Wireless manager, in which I did not, no surprise there.

            With the terrible customer service experience I have dealt with this week I will be looking to take my business elsewhere in the near future as I way out my options between AT&T and Sprint.

Re: How do I make a complaint with Verizon?

I have problems in the charging port, took the phone in and they said it was burnt, from their charger. Told me it was covered but would not replace it. Told me how to do a hard reset which I do 3 times a week minimum. The HTC one is the worst phone I've ever had and was told pretty much to suck it up or upgrade after I just spent several hundred upgrading to this junk. Now I'm worried about submitting a claim and just get the same crap phone.Verizon at one time was great service but now it seems like they don't care about anything but how much money they can scam.