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How to get a Stealth Black HTC One

Information herein is provided as a public service to all of you hold outs still looking for a Black HTC One.

First of all this special phone can only be procured through special back channels -

Step 1: Procure a large truck, dump truck would be better, but a 1 ton pickup will do in a pinch.

Step 2: Load up said dump truck with US Treasury Reserve Notes (cash for the uninformed).  The more the better as you will see later.

Step 3: Drive to your nearest Verizon Wireless Retail Store (bigger stores are better then smaller stores).

Step 4: Back up dump truck to the front door.  The automatic beep beep beep of the dump truck is a trigger.  Kind of like when you put fish food and all the fishes come running swimming.

Step 5:  Unload cash, an associate will gather up the funds, head to the back room and return with a brown bag.  This is very important: do not try to look in the bag, do not ask what's in the bag, do not jump up and down like an Apple fan boy.  Any public displays of pleasure and the operation will be aborted.  The bag will be placed on the passenger seat.

Step 6:  Get back in the truck and drive away normally, like nothing ever happened.

This is called Stealth Delivery and it's available at all participating retail stores.

Re: How to get a Stealth Black HTC One

Wouldn't it be cool if say Verizon gave you the option to special order (through them) the phone you really want.

(as long as it met specks of the cell service they use etc).

Then I wouldn't mind so much the "Upgrade" charge.

Re: How to get a Stealth Black HTC One

You know that is a great point.  I'd be more than willing to do that.

I've been waiting since April for Verizon to release this phone and it's just unbelievable how bad this has gone.  I stopped by a HTC One promotion kiosk in the mall and asked why the black HTC One is not available with Verizon.  His response was that it was completely up to Verizon.  Now obviously he his not a high level employee but I have to wonder if something went teribbly wrong between HTC and Verizon.  Practically no early press release, no early signup like other models, only one color offered, etc etc.

I have to wonder if HTC missed Verizon's expectations from a supplier standpoint.

Re: How to get a Stealth Black HTC One
Sr. Member

This is why I believe VZW will never get the black One.

Colored phones, other than initial release color are special orders.  VZW being 6 months late to the game with this phone knows that they only have a 6-8 month window to sell One's before the next version from HTC is released. VZW does not want to be stuck with a bunch of phones it can't sell. I know a few will sell to the people here wanting them but we are probably talking hundreds of thousands of phones VZW would have to buy.  VZW probably bought the minimum order (initial release) from HTC because VZW knew about how many they could possibly sell in the short term. Hence no special order for black