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I am having issues with my Rezound's service... not 4G or 3G but the regular service used for calling and texting.

Okay, so a few weeks ago my phone starting acting kind of weird. I had it off for a few days and when I turned it back on, I noticed it was not receiving very good signal at all in places where it used to have full bars. I can't make calls or send texts. I can receive calls but when I answer, the call is lost. It is basically just a pager now because I just have to call the people who call me or text me using a different phone. I can't even check my voicemail! 4G and 3G are working fine... When I have gone to the Verizon store TWICE, miraculously the phone all of a sudden has service but, of course, as soon as I leave it no longer has service. I have also called tech support twice to no avail. These people are of NO HELP and my phone is out of warranty. Unfortunately, informing them that ever since I got this phone back in January of '12, I had 5 replacements in the first FIVE months of having it because it had issues over and over again that could not be lived with such as not turning all the way on, not charging, etc. After the 5th replacement starting having minor issues, I ignored them and continued using the handicapped phone. Now, this is happening and I can no longer use it as anything more than a pager/internet browser! I read that the antenna is built into the battery cover of the phone but I don't know if that is just for 4G/3G or if it is also for regular service. If I get a replacement for the battery cover, will it possibly fix this issue??

Re: I am having issues with my Rezound's service... not 4G or 3G but the regular service used for calling and texting.
Customer Support

Oh boy! Acting kind of weird seems to be an understatement, aquaequus!
What type of troubleshooting were we able to do with you? I want to make sure that we can get some sort of resolution for this problem.
It is quite possible the battery door may get your phone in working order again. I'm not sure if the store has it in stock, but it is available in our warehouse for $14.99 which can be ordered via customer service.

Tamara H.
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