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I used to get 4G LTE all the time, but for the past week I am lucky to get 1x.

I was very excited and would brag about the Thunderbolt but for the past week, somehow my internet SUCKS!!!! I have gone from having 4G 24/7 to 1x if I am lucky. I don't understand what the problem is. I have taken the battery out, the sim card, left it alone for about 5 minutes and replaced everything back and it seems to be getting worse. I don't know what else to do. My wife also have a Thunderbolt and her phone is fine. We stand a few feet apart and while she has full 4G access, I have nothing. PLEASE HELP...........

Re: I used to get 4G LTE all the time, but for the past week I am lucky to get 1x.

It's unlikely to be your phone based on several others in the various forums who are posting similar issues.  I'm in southeastern Michigan and began having the problem roughly 3 days ago and the issue has been sporadic.  I noted the location of others who reported the same issue.  South Carolina was also affected.  Some of the others who reported the issue didn't bother noting their location but since the towers in South Carolina are several states away from Michigan, I'd speculate that the issue is nationwide.  Give Verizon a little more time to work out the kink in the data services on their end and check a few web forums like, and  You'll see that others are having similar problems and it's not limited to any particular phone model. 

Mine has been switching over to 1X on occasion, or 4G LTE pops in and out while I watch the screen or try to use an app.  Needless to say, this is annoying given the premium I'm paying for the services.  If the problem continues, I'll be calling Verizon this weekend.