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Incompatible Headsets

My Thunderbolt fails to pick up or record voice (telephone calls and voice recording) when using the following two headsets:


  • Etymotic HF3
  • Klipsch S4i


More specifically:


  1. In making phone calls, I could hear the other party but they could not hear me.
  2. Using the Voice Recorder, the recordings failed using the above two headsets, but recorded successfully using the phone's microphone or the cheap, no-name headset provided by the store manager.
  3. Both of the above headsets worked fine for listening only; to music, to voice recordings and to callers on the other end of the line.



I took my Thunderbolt to the local Verizon store where the above headsets also failed on two employees' Tthunderbolts, including the store manager's phone.


A lesser, cheap, no-name headset did work.


The store manager suggested that I post to the HTC site, hoping there would be an eventual software update to solve the problem. Subsequently, I though it better to post here, as Verizon needs to take responsibility for the hardware they hawk.


If this cannot be fixed (for use with high quality name-brand headsets such as the above), it's a deal-breaker, and the phone will go back as defective.


Should anyone have a fix, or if I'm overlooking some obscure setting, please advise.

Re: Incompatible Headsets
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

i doubt you're overlooking anything. this happens with brand new devices and will likely be resolved with an update at some point.....but who knows when??? in all fairness, i don't know that i'd blame verizon for selling a newer device that is not compatible with an older accessory. have had to toss an old webcam because it wouldn't work with a new pc....or lost old software because it was not compatible with later versions of windows, etc. Most accessories will list what they are compatible with when you buy them, and they wont always be compatible with future devices.

Re: Incompatible Headsets



Thanks for your reply.


The headsets noted above (whose microphones fail to work with the Thunderbolt) are current, quality models of each brand, the HF3's having come out in the last few months. Furthermore, they work with every other device I have, including a Lenovo W510 laptop, an iPhone, an iPad and an older AT&T HTC phone. 


The Thunderbolt should have worked out of the box with these headsets. It's difficult to understand that HTC and Verizon didn't test the phone with a cross section of common headset manufacturers.