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A long time HTC Incredible use and just switched to HTC Thunderbolt. All 2000 of my contacts have the phone numbers in the following format. +1(xxx) xxx-xxxx. I dial and I get a a fast busy and error message


"Network Status

The Network is busy. Please try again later.




If I dial that same number in this format 1(xxx) xxx-xxxx the number will connect normally.


I can repeat this result either by manual dial or by the use of the contact card,


DON'T respond if you want to tell me to change 2000 contact cards.


I make loads of international calls and need this feature.

I have not made any changes from the way I had it set up on my HTC incredible and it always worked fine. This is a problem I need solved ASAP or I will have to go back to the Incredible.


I'm really hoping for some fast help.


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We need to find out the difference if the problem is in the phone or the network.


Please do 2 tests for me.


If you dial in the +1(xxx) xxx-xxxx in the normal dialer what happens?


+X country code dialing works fine on my old Droid phone.


+X counry code dialing for any country other than USA/Canada requires the "International Dialing" feature enabled on your VZW account (per phone #).


Call CSR and get "International Dialing" enabled on your phone lines.


Now try to see if it works.


If it works then it's a BUG in VZW's IMS server authentication for the new 4G LTE devices because it should be accepting +1 for the USA and Canada by default. 

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This is really annoying.  I have over 3,000 contacts with the prefix +1, and anytime I go and hit to call the number, I get an automated operator message, "Announcement 4 Switch 422-22.  Call cannot be completed as dialed."


This worked on my DROIDX phone and now updated to another Android telephone now on 4G (currently on 3G in my area) the calls do not go through.



Re: International Dialing Codes +

I see your question dates back some years... but thought you may still want to check out this very detailed explanation of the "+" dialing prefix that I found ___ International dialling prefix - Wikitravel